Kim Kardashian Flaunts Bikini Body in Miami

  • Kim Kardashian Flaunts Bikini Body in Miami
Kim Kardashian at the beach in Miami with good friend Jonathan Cheban.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Darlene

    btw, keep the pic' coming.....I always sign-off the net with you as my favorite last, every nite I say to myself "Let me go see what Ms. Kim is doing" But you do know Khloe is everyone favorite but you are the star!!!

  • Darlene

    Kim I am going to keep it real.....I hate you because I love the way you look and the life you live....But you know more than I do how much women love to hate on women that look better than them....And girl you looks good! I ain't mad at'cha!!.

  • DMarie

    I've never understood how theres always pictures of celebrities that go to the beach, have pictures coming out of the water (or in) yet never have their hair, or perfectly makeup'd face wet?? Why even bother going to the beach if you're not going to swim??

  • BB

    seriously though, who are you to comment on whether someone is "bright"?

  • Deidre Bowers
    Deidre Bowers

    fake fake boobs n now khloe is the brightest most prettirst when usevto b kourtney oh n the oldest of thev 2 jenner goes goin out do you all n i love all u just sayn my favs