Kim Kardashian Flaunts Curves in Lacy Lingerie for 'Factice' Magazine

  • Kim Kardashian Flaunts Curves in Lacy Lingerie for 'Factice' Magazine
Kim Kardashian poses in lingerie for French magazine Factice's Issue 16.
Source: Factice Magazine/Vijat Mohindra
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  • rls4311

    She’s NOT Middle Eastern. Her father, Robert Kardashian, was Armenian. Her mother, Kris Jenner, is Scottish, Dutch and Native American heritage. None of those are Middle Eastern. People always think that “Armenian” means Middle Eastern, and it’s NOT a Middle Eastern country. Look it up.

  • JimO

    Now this is what she SHOULD be getting credited for!!! She's not a designer, not an actress, not a singer and not a business woman....people go thru years of education & experience to earn degrees and EARN those titles!!! Its a slap in the face for her to claim to be these things. What she is (as evidenced here) is a sexually explicit lingere & nude model, pornstar, exhibitionist and opportunist!! I have no problem with these things, those are fine. Just dont claim to be something you're not just because you gain huge amounts of attention.

  • Houda Depompa
    Houda Depompa

    A true Middle Eastern beauty

  • Joanne Borus
    Joanne Borus

    Kim-why do you feel the need to wear dead animal skins??? You know you influence a lot of people. Why do you promote and influence others to support the cruel and barabric fur trade??? I used to wear fur before I educated myself about the fur trade.Being an animal lover, now I will never wear fur again-even faux fur! You should do some research into the fur trade-hopefully you will become an ex-fur wearer like me! Please consider my request and help the innocent animals. Thank you, Kim!