Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed in Los Angeles

  • Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed in Los Angeles
Kim Kardashian is covered in flour during arrivals at the 'True Reflection' Fragrance Launch at The London West Hollywood on March 22, 2012 in West Hollywood, California.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Me

    and why shouldnt ppl be held accountable for their actions??? As much anger as i sense in your comment on your hate for all things kardashian....i must point out you still took the the time to read the article about her.... im sure no one forced you to do that....if you hate them so much, why did you occupy your time reading about them? at the end of the day, no matter how petty, the lady needs to be held responsible for what she did....

  • ashley

    seriously shes gonna press charges she seriously wants more money she threw them cus whats shes doin these horrible animals and people working for her fuking dumass she deserves it she doesnt give a fuk about n e budy seriously khloe saying shes disgusted about what the lady did seriously how about how disgusted r we with the kardashians and the bullshit they do fuking cmonn'

  • cerys

    No, they've put "flower" in the title for the article.

  • Heather Zuni
    Heather Zuni

    That is how you spell "flour" as in Baking flour, you're thinking of flower as in a rose.

  • Julie Armstrong
    Julie Armstrong

    "Flower" Bombed....? Proof read.