Kim Kardashian Heads To The Doctor

  • Kim Kardashian Heads To The Doctor
Kim Kardashian heads into her doctors office in Beverly Hills, California on March 21, 2013.
Source: INFDaily
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  • Turquoise Scarf
    Turquoise Scarf

    in this pic she looks exactly like her mother.

  • annomys

    its not about imbisle stupid.oviously u a sucker an a anotha realy I like kim but that outfit doesn't fit 4 a pregnant laDy come on kimme. Whers that sense of style u always had.I used 2 be like. whts kims trend now bt now a days realy u disappoint me u seem§ 2 be wearing black An white now which are gr8 bt not all the time I loved that black dressed with the studs on though.come on kimme u can do it in style like a pregnant lady can

  • Randi From Michigan
    Randi From Michigan

    That's just awful!!!!!!!!! She has a baby in her belly, I can only imagine what someone that's so judge mental like yourself looks like!!!!! Get real and most importantly, shut up.

  • Shawn

    Shut up stupid!! don't be mad cause you ugly!!!!

  • Kate

    Does she even realize that the animal she's stroking that is slung over her shoulder is dead?? What a pig.

  • tink

    Shamu with legs !!