Kim Kardashian: Impromptu Photo Shoot With Joyce

  • Kim Kardashian: Impromptu Photo Shoot With Joyce
Kim Kardashian shares personal photos of an impromptu photo shoot with friend and make-up artist Joyce Bonelli.
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  • Sasha

    Some people have no respect. They think insulting others is fun...the fact that you are claiming who she is as a person in that way, and wishing such ill on a person, how does that make you any better??? I feel bad for those people like Jen because they clearly have no life. How sad. What’s hilarious is if Jen doesn’t like Kim Kardashian, they don’t have to look and more so spend the time to type such horrible things. So the fact that they’re looking and commenting proves they’re just absolutely jealous of her and her success. Kim is gorgeous AND a human being. Who knows if this fur is even faux, (meaning fake, in case you didn't consider)...get over it. And get a life, hun.

  • Jen

    This stupid bitch doesn't care about anything but herself, and obviously doesn't care that an animal had to die so she could wear that fucking idiotic hat and make some vapid, pointless duck face at a camera. Ugh someone please assassinate this bitch.

  • sileh


  • sileh

    oh i'd love to see you pose without all that makeup