Kim & Kris Take New York

  • Kim & Kris Take New York
August 30, 2011: Newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries head out for a night on the town in New York City.
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  • wess

    This cannot be real? This is not Kim Kardashian’s personal website and she will not respond or give you a dress

  • Marina Veitia
    Marina Veitia

    Hi Kim! I am a fan who writes to you from Venezuela, South America. My name is Marina Veitía. I enjoy seeing your achievements, you're a woman entrepreneur and complete. I think you've won, prevailing on the classic stereotype of a woman of this century. You're authentic. I follow with the few tools we use, it is not common in my country, local media often outlining information about yourself. I am a family woman, I have a baby of eighteen months and the next November 18th, 2011 I marry her father, whom I love with all my heart. More than a man of my dreams is the man of my life. In addition to expressing my esteem for you, I make a request. As you know, throughout the world is experiencing a major economic crisis, and although my partner and I work, we have our home and our needs, it is quite difficult for an ordinary person do something extraordinary for their marriage. We, in our case, just do a simple civil ceremony at our house. For this reason and because I think you're a person of integrity and good heart, I ask you please lend me a dress. Any. You have an excellent style and would be wonderful to take something of yours in a very special moment for me. Honestly, I had not ever occurred. However, today I saw a picture of you in "Do Something Award", elegantly dressed, as always, and want to look like the day of my wedding. Please, I beg you from the bottom of my heart. You know how important it is that beautiful day for a woman, regrettably I have not the resources to dress like you. This is my humble prayer. After use the dress, I return it. Excuse the bad English, I do not know at all. Thanks, million thanks for your attention. Marina Veitía.