Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner Go to Haiti

  • Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner Go to Haiti
Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner join celebrities Maria Bello, Ben Stiller, Patricia Arquette and fashion designer Donna Karan for Christmas charity extravaganza in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. The reality TV star and campaigners got involved as Sow-a-Seed(a Miami-based non-profit organization supporting Haiti'sdisadvantaged children and orphanages) hosted its annual Santa's Wonderland event at Union School in the nation's capital Port-au-Pri-Prince on December 10, 2011
Kim Kardashian joins celebrities for Christmas charity extravaganza in Haiti
Source: Splash News - Photos
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  • newyork1234

    People need to just CHILL out about Kim. I am not a big K fan but I adore them. Everyone on every post seems to be attacking her all the time. Its her life people, we are no one to judge her. leave her alone. just enjoy her fashion if not stop taking the precious 5 mins to find her on this page. HATERS!

  • Ana

    how can judge someone by the way they look in a picture. Your sad Darlene. They love looking good so whats wrong with that. No one should change the way they are to please people like you. So if they had no makeup then they really care for this people come on now. Have you done anything for people in Haiti? HATER!

  • anonymous

    I actually did go to Haiti and I still can't stand the Kim Kardashian. I went at the end of August and spent eight hours a day for eight days laying cinderblocks and building a home for a family. I know people that have gone three or four times in the past year, and I know the family that is working as missionaries in Haiti and have spent the last ten months in Haiti, facilitating the program that my group worked with. Kim Kardashian isn't doing anything worthwhile. Visiting the country is one thing. Slaving under the sun for several hours a day, side-by-side with Haitian workers with a language barrier the size of the Pacific, sweating all day, showering in dirty water, riding in an open bed truck through the non existent streets and past the piles of burning garbage, sleeping without air conditioning, and (gasp!) not having internet or a cellphone signal is a totally different experience. She's wearing makeup, she's dressed well, she's obviously clean... Based on the pictures, she might not have been in Haiti at all but rather on a set somewhere in Hollywood. From personal experience, I know that Haiti is hot. And Haiti is dirty. And Haiti most definitely isn't a place to wear designer clothing and makeup. So yes, she might be bringing awareness to the people of Haiti and their plight, but she's also a fraud. Anyone can travel to a country torn apart by natural disaster and decades of political turmoil and take pictures with children. Not everyone has the fortitude to actually live life next to the people in those countries and see just how great they have it in the US. If Kim Kardashian wants some real respect, let's see her roll up her sleeves and get down and dirty. Otherwise, she needs to step aside or get out her checkbook. Either one is fine with me.

  • lanam

    O stop it....why dont you all go to Haiti instead of thowing rocks at people that actualy doing it. This is a good cause for them to bring attention to Haiti. Period. Do it yourslef and keep your mouth shot about people thatr are actualy doing it

  • Darlene C.
    Darlene C.

    The picture of Kim above looks as if she couldn't care less about what is going on around here and just wishes she was back home.