Kim Kardashian Leaves The Hair Shop in a Blonde Wig

  • Kim Kardashian Leaves The Hair Shop in a Blonde Wig
Kim Kardashian leaves The Hair Shop salon in a blonde wig on March 12, 2012.
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  • Diane Campbell
    Diane Campbell

    LOL- and what r u marylin effin monroe? she is absolutely gorgeous and u r nohing but a tasteless clown. stop hating women who look good and try hard to look sexy.

  • sam

    If i was her i do the same .....hid me so kno one would kno its m haha hard times... kim ...hard times and take that shit off u r who ur aint change that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle Rustay Serrano
  • ME

    She looks at least 50 with this hair. I'm sorry, not cute. I guess she is wearing wigs because her own hair is falling out due to extensions.

  • Miss A
    Miss A

    it looks like trash kim take it off! i think maybe you went to far trying to show off your fun/spontaneous side.. very tacky, you have way higher standards so take that as a compliment :)

  • canary

    Colors do not affect the curves of the body does not change its shape or spirit Amazing all the time KK

  • Deb

    The girl could wear green hair and look amazing. There is not a single thing more she could do to get any prettier. Her pretty is maxed. Gorgeous girl!

  • wow

    o wow she looks old and ugly!

  • nicolle buchelli
    nicolle buchelli

    she looks beautiful whit her black hair!!!!!!