Kim Kardashian Goes Naked in W Magazine

  • Kim Kardashian Goes Naked in W Magazine
Kim Kardashian is seen here posing nude in nothing but silver paint for W Magazine.
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  • Sai

    Anonymous - Thanks Buffy for doing such a great job. What was so impressive, was that you blndeed with the crowd so well, most in attendance couldn't tell that you were the photographer. The quality of the pictures speak for themselves, although you could have airbrushed a few more pounds off my pix Kim's dad

  • Steward

    tooo baaaaad, such beautiful girl like her selling her nude pict, then all the people all over the wolrd can enjoy her nude pic.........what's her really purposes..............? off course it's all about money..........what a cheap girl........!!!

  • kmymiller

    What's the big deal!!!! She has a beautiful body and the "parts" are covered.

  • Brock

    No, the "assets" are all she has going for her, she loses that she loses everything. She should show the "assets" at every chance she gets.

  • mk

    She is such a beautiful girl but she should not show the assets like this