Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Fashion

  • Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Fashion
See Kim's fashion during her early stages of pregnancy!
Source: AKM-GSI
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  • Megan

    She always looks so miserable whenever she's with Kanye, lol! ;-) This dizzy pig doesn't know wtf her FAAAT, snobby, b!tchy-@ss wants; her marriage 2 frankenKris was a sham...and ya KNOW it was, because when the queen-mother-b!tch, (AND ALSO THE PRODUCER OF THE SHOW!) depicts kow-cakes' ex-fiance as a "rumb-dumb", (i.e., playing "big, dumb & hungry" music Everytime Kris walked into a room to join the Kow-clan...and just made the guy look like an idiot, i may add), how do we not know and/OUR TRUST these lying-@ss b!tches that THIS bullshit isn't just Kow-cakes just wanting 2 "ONE-UP KHLOE" in having a lil nig FIRST ???ยก the way kow-cakes ALWAYS DOES w/khloe???!!! She's such a jealous b!tch towards khloe; just like she displayed her "AMAZING", idiotic-stuck-up self towards khloe when she was taking her own, private choices out on khloe...and ALL BECAUSE HER FKD-UP MOTHER PUSHED HER INTO THE MARRIAGE, JUST TO L MAKE THOSE MILLIONS" if she could (AND DID!) PUSH THE FAT-COW, i.e., KOW-CAKES" INTO MARRYING KRIS!!!

  • Ashley

    She looks Miserable.

  • Amanda

    Very pretty in white.