Kim Kardashian Puts Fitness First In Los Angeles

  • Kim Kardashian Puts Fitness First In Los Angeles
Expectant mom Kim Kardashian goes for another workout in Los Angeles on January 3, 2013.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • courtney

    some of you are so pathetic...nobody commented on the pictures where she looks perfect and fit yet when photographers take an unflattering picture of her ass in tight spandex she is gross? People must really be jealous of her, I am no fan but there is no denying that she is pretty and not fat...If she were black nobody would even mention her butt being fat or gross because it is average/smaller than a lot of the fat women in America...What makes her a slut? Because she has sex...with her boyfriends/husbands??? Get lives and get laid maybe you wont sound like jealous pathetic internet trolls.

  • cc

    she has a cottage cheese butt so gross.. nasty slut!

  • Jenny Green
    Jenny Green

    how is she dressing slutty? shes wearing tights with a sweater.. shes going to the gym.

  • Diana

    Ewww how can she dress so slutty thats so gross.. i dont care if shes gonna be a mom or not..thats just trampy

  • jennaO

    thats the most discusting thing i've EVER seen EWWWWWWWWWWW Thaa Fuck !? granny much? i really wonder if shes older how her humongous Butt well look like ..? not so different from my granny tho XD