Kim Kardashian Reaches Ten Million Twitter Followers

  • Kim Kardashian Reaches Ten Million Twitter Followers
To celebrate Kim Kardashian reaching 10 Million followers on twitter, here are a few of our favorite Kim TwitPics.
Source: Twitter
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  • Mafer Lum
    Mafer Lum

    excelentes fotossssssssssssssss

  • ssstephanie

    ps she looks so amazing in this photo, first thing i noticed, any man would by lucky to have her - hold on to her Lamar :)

  • ssstephanie

    khloe is the prettiest of the three and with the best personality which makes her all the more desirable :) GO KHLOE GO

  • mary

    i love kourtney <3 and people needa stop hating they r jealousss

  • Maeshawn Lewenskii @_fcknbaddbitch_
    Maeshawn Lewenskii @_fcknbaddbitch_

    if Khole is fat ! Then what size are you? Cuz millions and millions of people have her body type ! -I love you Khole dont let these bum bitchezz ever brinq you down because i watch your show more than i do Kim's only because your HA-HA-HALARIOUSSSS ♥ much lovee

  • nickisbarb

    fat? but you meant thin right? just like in yur last comment on kim's honeymoon picture? your pathetic. your probably all bones and wishing for their bodies, or your probably very fat and have to put others down to make yourself feel better. such a hater, is nasty. get a life and stop looking at pictures of girls that you are only going to speak negative about. dumba$$

  • grr

    also kim isn't skinny!

  • grr

    Sick of people pickin on Khloe, She is the prettiest of the Kardashian girls in my opinion. She is real, and like Sona said she knows she doesn't look the same as kim and kort she doesn't need some idiot telling her that shes fat etc etc.

  • stephanie

    i would trade in my body type for khloe's anyday! she has an hour glass feminine and beautiful!

  • sona


  • sona

    wow u just described khloe! congrats! she really didn't know that she was heavier than kim and kourtney! thank you for letting her know every single day. and btw i am not protecting khloe, i'm just against bullying , stop telling peopl that they are fat ugly or stupid! cause YOU are fat ugly and stupid

  • courtneybaaaby

    skinny skinny fat