Kim Kardashian Dyes Her Hair

  • Kim Kardashian Dyes Her Hair
Kim Kardashian shows off her new hair color in a series of pics on her blog.
Source: Kim Kardashian, Celebuzz
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  • Tony Johnson
    Tony Johnson

    So what are you going to do at today Kimberly Noel Kardashian.

  • Jade Valentine
    Jade Valentine

    this looks alot like klhoes hair color

  • Cheryl Gates
    Cheryl Gates

    i don't see what the diff is???


    You are gorgeous, doll! Love your whole family! You ALL just crack me up! I just moved to CA from OH....wish I could be KATHY KARDASHIAN! You are a blast! :)

  • Christina Cartwright
    Christina Cartwright

    Kim looks goregous as always! :)

  • Tracey Warner
    Tracey Warner

    looks fab...

  • Shea Turner
    Shea Turner

    Just kidding, you look amazing!! I'm the one who looks old, and I'm wearing wayyyy too much make up!

  • Faddy Namuga Sebunya
    Faddy Namuga Sebunya

    se le ve super el pelo a kim bueno todo en ella se le ve super cool

  • Shea Turner
    Shea Turner

    you look old in these pictures. your hair looks the exact same.

  • Mrs. Cissna
    Mrs. Cissna

    I think it looks very fitting for you. And just remember, as long as you love it, that's all that matters anyways!!! I like it very much myself!!

  • kittykat

    lovely kimmy :)

  • Claire Meindel
    Claire Meindel

    Doesnt look any different........