Kim Kardashian: Sunrise Summertime Shoot

  • Kim Kardashian: Sunrise Summertime Shoot
Kim Kardashian shares some behind the scenes photos of her calendar photo shoot in Cabo San Lucas.
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  • Charmaine

    Exactly the same thing i was thinking! :)

  • Annmarie

    Some people have no respect. They think insulting others is fun. I feel bad for those people because clearly Gruber has no life. How sad. What's hilarious is if Gruber doesn't like Kim Kardashian, they don't have to look. So the fact that they're looking proves they're jealous of her and her success. Kim is thin and gorgeous. Her bum has nothing to do with who she is as a person. Get over it. And get a life, kiddo.

  • Chelsey

    What are you even talking about ? there are so many photos of her butt ... I actually like her butt , she has nice curves and a perfectly round ass

  • gruber

    Always the same pose, hiding her fat ass. Never, ever does she have her gigantic ass photographed. Sorry, if you saw her on a beach you wouldn't look twice. Well maybe her face, then eventually you'd make the mistake of looking down.