Kim Kardashian Takes Mason Out

  • Kim Kardashian Takes Mason Out
Kim Kardashian is in good spirits on her 31st birthday as she holds her nephew while leaving her Manhattan hotel New York City
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  • Alisson

    Wow Brit let me tell you something . You made such an stupid comment. Honey follow my advice stop talking bad about people at least people will kind of like u

  • ashley

    poor kid looks like an old man

  • Michelle Haynes-Estrada
    Michelle Haynes-Estrada

    happy belated birthday Kim!!! May God shower u with his gracious blessings, so that u'll live to c many more happy birthdays!!!

  • Tshimollo Mpye-De Níro
    Tshimollo Mpye-De Níro

    Brit clearly doesn't know what fashion is LOL!!

  • missunderstood

    Brit!!! Kim K is one of THEE best dressed celebs EVER... stop hating,you should get a life and dress sense before you go hating!!!!

  • barbidiazf

    she's sooooo gorgeous!!!

  • Ariane Mathier
    Ariane Mathier

    Whaatttt Kim Kardashian having the worst fashion sense ..I wonder how you dress because she's the perfect example of glamour and she got class go hate elsewhere you're on her blog I mean come on

  • Amanda

    Wow that comment was not needed... if you think that about her why do you even look at pictures of her...

  • Brit

    take those ugly, big ass shades off...she has the worst fashion sense Ive ever seen...dumb bitch