Kim Kardashian Through the Years

  • Kim Kardashian Through the Years
Kim Kardashian attends the premiere for 'Entourage' in Los Angeles on June 1, 2006.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Me

    She looks so much like Kourtneyy!! OMG

  • K.k

    I think she doesnt look good on this picture, i am not a hater, just saying she is way more better now that she has botox i just wish she would has been so beautiful as now without being fake, still i lover her and all the kardashian family!

  • Kelsea

    she never smiles now in 2011.. because she has had so much botox.. this is the real her.. its so weird actually seeing her smile with lines on her face

  • E

    She was pretty. Like Jessica Alba beauty. Too bad.

  • E

    Amen sister!

  • Donna

    She used to look so much more ethnic. Now that she fixed up her face a little she looks plastic.

  • Ashleigh

    she looks beautiful ! in my opinion she's the most beautiful girl everrrr. honestly.

  • awilda

    wow she look so differen in this pic!

  • Jessica

    Then why are you looking? Fat bitch!

  • Riley Jade
    Riley Jade

    Uhh wtf? Jealous much? Keep that envy under control it's a fucking disease. Kim's hot. and has always been absolutely gorgeous as fuck. Get over yourself you disgusting beast.

  • Erica Brannen
    Erica Brannen

    ........... -_- gross