Kim Kardashian Through the Years

  • Kim Kardashian Through the Years
Kim Kardashian at Noon By Noor Fashion Collection Launch held at The Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, California on July 20th, 2011.
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  • E

    She can get all of the plastic surgery she wants. Just don't lie about it and tell us she's all natural. That is clearly not the case. We aren't idiots!

  • Kathy Tabbert Campbell
    Kathy Tabbert Campbell

    As small as she wants it and her tits can get as large as they want to. Its her body. don't like it stop fucking looking at her pictures. Come on guys even jim carrey gets surgery done and god knows what else why does it always have to be the ladies who get made fun of for getting surgery done to make them selves look beautiful. leave them alone its the 21 century and we all know everyone has had some kind of work done.

  • E

    How small is her nose going to get??

  • Claudia Cristina Georgescu
    Claudia Cristina Georgescu

    Happy 31-st , KIM !

  • johnmichael24

    She looks so pretty everyday

  • Renee Duffus
    Renee Duffus

    Pretty like Pocahontas

  • dave

    best one by far