Kim Kardashian Through the Years

  • Kim Kardashian Through the Years
Kim Kardashian arrives at the launch of Kritik Clothing at LISA KLINE on April 10, 2008 in Beverly Hills, California.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Allegra Godina
    Allegra Godina

    i know she was BOMB before all the surgery. she went from beautiful to wack. :(

  • E

    Seriously? How can you people think that Kim K could not get plastic surgery with a mom as addicted to plastic surgery as the catwoman! I can just hear it now, Kris (Jenner), "Kim you should really slim down your nose, you don't want to be so ethnic looking. Kim, everyone's gotta be known for something - how about your ass? Implants!" Her mother is not concerned for her well-being, all she sees is $$$. She will do (and make Kim do - or at least put the idea into Kim's head) anything for fame and cash. She's just as money-grubbing fame-whoring as her daughters, if not worse. She's not a mom. All she sees in her daughters is money honey!

  • E

    I think they are referring to botox. 'Cause that was the only thing that they showed on the show. (She also had velashape on the show.) These people actually think that cameras for the reality show follow them around 24/7. It's not a "reality" show at all. They have planned episodes. They have an idea for an episode and then go shoot it. Like when Kourtney thought she was pregnant. She didn't go take a test, she called Ryan Seacrest (exec. producer) so that she could have cameras there when she took the pregnancy test. There is easily enough time (weeks, even months) in between episodes (or even seasons) for Kim (or any other Kardashian) to have plastic surgery and recover before the next tv shoot.

  • Lollipop

    and that was?

  • E

    That she admits to!

  • Geselle Huerta
    Geselle Huerta

    yeah she only had one thing donee .

  • Katie Eastman
    Katie Eastman

    she only had one thing done

  • law 28
    law 28

    Her Face looks completely different now...Its a shame to see how much unnecessary work she has had done!

  • halle moo
    halle moo

    hahahahaha.. did you smell that fart?

  • Nicole

    this is how she looked when she did her porn flick