Kim Kardashian Twitterview

  • Kim Kardashian Twitterview
@KimKardashian How did you come up with the name 'Gold' ?? @WannaKnowKim @CELEBUZZ @WannaKnowKim The name Gold really represents glamour and luxury so it's perfect for the new fragrance. Do u like the name?
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  • jealous jq
    jealous jq

    i'm as straight as a straight girl can get...i don't check out women...but she's soooo damn hot i can't help but look and get all hot and bothered!!! if i met her in person i wouldn't be able to get my eye's off of her!!!! loool

  • merelam

    nyc pic and makeup

  • auntbilly

    the makeup is really nice in this pic! I love it, very light lips, tan cheeks! OMG! to die forrrrr!