Kim Kardashian Wears Peplum Dress and Strappy Heels in Paris

  • Kim Kardashian Wears Peplum Dress and Strappy Heels in Paris
Kim Kardashian arrives at the Martin Margiela boutique in Paris, France on June 20, 2012 wearing a peplum dress and strappy heels.
Kim Kardashian Shops in Peplum Dress and Strappy Heels in Paris
Source: INFDaily
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  • frannypooh

    love that dress once u got down the car the wind just blow ur hair back nice...

  • Bridgett

    What goes around comes around, that might come back to haunt u the rest of your life. Don't do on to others what you wouldn't want done to you!

  • miss wills
    miss wills

    What ever kim has done it none of ur problem and leave her dad out if it Have you ever had karma upon your self don't wish unto others what you don't want. i'm pretty sure somewhere out there someone wants you to get lost/disappear and never to be found too and well you already have a one way ticket straight to hell thus shall not judge(Therefore you have no excuse, everyone of you who passes judgment, for in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things)

  • afrika

    actually 'Rozzie', even then she wouldnt be a slut. Slut means something entirely different, google the meaning.

  • jacky catana
    jacky catana

    OMG kimie that dress is amazing, you look so beautiful in his, i love youu!!!! =)

  • Elly McIlgorm
    Elly McIlgorm

    Some of you's are sick in the head! She is a human being! Just cause she is a successful, beautiful, woman there is no need to start with horrible comments which shows signs of jealousy! Grow up and stop being so negative all the time, so bitchy!!!

  • LUVI

    she looks very pretty , why you hate her , and says she is stupid if you dont know her ?!

  • Kitt

    wtf is wrong with you people , she's georgeus . i dont know her , so im do not hate her. and even if she dont have to do enything ,thats cause she worked for it .

  • rozzie

    If she was a slut, she would be wearing a shorter dress and her boobs would be hanging out. I guess jealousy clouds your judgement.

  • Chaves Ale
    Chaves Ale

    ... Մի ազնիվ է եւ ճնշված ազգը ... Դա դժվար կլինի, գուցե, գտնել տարեգիրք ազգի պակաս վիտրաժներ հետ հանցագործությունների, քան հայերին, որի արժանիքներ միշտ եղել խաղաղության (...) Բայց ինչ են ուղեւորվում ... Ձեր ազգ մեկն է առավել հետաքրքիր է մոլորակի եւ, թերեւս, նրանց լեզուն է միայն պահանջում է ուսումնասիրել հետագայում ավելի գրավիչ. Lord Byron

  • LOvi

    Im not A big fan of Kim byt guy s way are you all mean .Btw i don t llike the dress

  • emmz

    Looking fantastic as always Kim! It's a shame some people have to ruin it with horrible words, but you're beautiful and so are all of your sisters. I'm sure you have better things to do than worry about petty internet comments anyway. Stay gorgeous!

  • susan

    Why are you verbally abusing someone who gave their opinion, you need to grow up and take a chill pill

  • zazzz

    lol, awkward for you because you clearly don't know what the word, 'slut' means. maybe you should look it up in the dictionary, cause last time i checked a slut isnt someone who wears stylish clothes with a little skin showing. CIAO!

  • Cassidy-Moon

    wow, what a heartless human being you are. i dislike Kim, only because of how determined she to get her five minutes of fame in the news. but wow, i would NEVER go to the extent of praying someone goes missing and never gets found. no karma will not get her, it'll get YOU for saying such disgusting things. think of the family and friends she'd be leaving behind, theyd be gutted. her fans, some might even commit because thats how hardcore of a fan they are. you're sick in the head man..

  • lunarose223

    you just got a spot right next to him for this comment. that is mean these people are just doing what we all wish we could do. make money. if you dont like dont watch, dont buy, and dont comment. this just make her more money some way, btw i love this dress, but khole is my girl xoxooxo

  • Lucille Santos
    Lucille Santos

    What do you know a out fashion u dumb bitch. They post a fuking picture of Kim up and all you can do is hate, you prob could never even afford such an outfit in your petty life. So stop trying to be Joan Rivers and get a real life and actually go out and do something in this world, hey maybe someone will take a picture of your interesting outfit one day for us to tell you its ugly. Bitch

  • Marie

    you're sick. your comment is atrocious. I am not a huge fan of the Kardashians but please have some respect for yourself, others and those who have passed on. they are not around to defend themselves. if you are as educated as you claim to be, you would not waste your time insulting people you've never even met. please grow up and learn some decency. why are you such a bitter little girl if you are just as well off as they? idiot.

  • LIZZ

    wow heating bitches get a fucking life and stop bothering them ! they live better than all u haters ! thats why u have nothing better to do then be hating on them the good thing they don't need a dam thing from ur broke ass!

  • Donna

    No Doubt she's gorgeous! Work it girl!! If I had it I would work it too. LOL!

  • Kadi Sheriff
    Kadi Sheriff

    Wow you have this much time in your stupid life to wish others dead that's threat you could be lock up for it you dumb bitch

  • neeaanikolee

    Jealousy is just love & hate at the same time Drake said it best you only hate her cause she's rich & beautiful but u love her cause you know damn well u be "Keeping up with the Kardashians" lol envy is a sin

  • Maja Harvey
    Maja Harvey

    Dont Be Mean thanks....and want her to drop dead??? no way thats so cruel get a life you losers

  • AMG

    Kim has some great fashion, but I think the last thing she can pull off is a peplum dress. I just don't think it is best for her body type. I also am not a fan of the choker-like necklace and solid silver bracelet. Also, the nude and black colors seem more fall or spring than a summer time outfit during the day.

  • mimee

    funny hw bitches can hate on Kim,, bt its good tho,, bcz mur hatred means mur success 4 ha..bum!!..

  • Janeeaa Nikolee
    Janeeaa Nikolee


  • Janeeaa Nikolee
    Janeeaa Nikolee

    Kim Kardashian is a bad b**change buff said ;)

  • Cassandra Brown
    Cassandra Brown


  • Samantha Sigman
    Samantha Sigman

    Your just jealous, Kim is gorgeous and has it all!! She's had more success then you could ever dream of, get over it!! If you weren't jealous you wouldn't even waste your time commenting!! Haha!! Get a life!! I love you Kim!!

  • Hannah

    @every writing rude comments, there is NO need to write those types of comments. All you are is jealous. I mean she is a human being you know. She has feelings. Every being on this Earth was made for a reason and a human being is never to be a waste. Everyone has a purpose. I get if you don't like her something. Go ahead, don't like her, but there is know reason to call her a slut,say that she is a waste, or say karma will take care of her just like her father. There really was no need for that comment. (^) I mean its just plain rude. Respect the dead. And you prob. didn't even know the guy! And you def. shouldn't wish death upon somebody! That's just crazy! Just think next time before you post a rude comment. Its just not the godly thing to do. Just saying. YALL need to learn some respect!

  • Taylor fell
    Taylor fell

    Kim ur amazing! U always look gorgeous! Rock on girl! Love ya ;)

  • Taylor fell
    Taylor fell

    U r so disgusting, ur an awful evil woman. How dare u wish someone dead. Kim is a good person and she hasnt done anything to you. Her father was a good man too, stop hating on her. She may have a rough past with her divorce And her sex tape, but she's trying and trying to move on. Kris humphreys was a jerk and tore her down and just cuz she accidentally made that sex tape doesn't make her a slut. She's a classy woman with great fashion sense and people like u only make her stronger. I love u Kim! Keep doing ur thing! And amanda Rosario u can just shut the fuck up u evil troll. Love u Kim and just know that the kardashians are awesome! K bye

  • ninarose

    that's disgusting you sick freak, wtf is wrong with you? have some respect. kim hasn't done anything to you, so why hate on her?

  • hagah

    you are so negative what did they ever do to you? you dont even know them personally, like as if you were friends or something. get a life and why dont you stop being so negative towards people you just know from tv.

  • Roxanna Sorentino
    Roxanna Sorentino

    I seriously don't see why people hate her so much. I mean really? She did nothing to hurt you. That's a bit harsh ain't it? I think you're just jealous dear. I'm not a fan of the Kardashians but I don't go hating for really no apparent reason. I think you're just jealous because they're gorgeous and famous, who cares if she does absolutely nothing!

  • majistica

    She's not a slut, but you just might be.

  • Amanda Rosario
    Amanda Rosario

    Kim Kardashian is a waste of a human. She has no value or importance to this world. She needs to go missing and never be found. But dont worry karma will take care of her like karma took care of her father. Rob Kardashian died because he deserved to, he let a murderer walk free. Rob Kardashian is burning in hell and Kim will join him soon. I CANT WAIT!!!

  • Amy Martinez-Memmel
    Amy Martinez-Memmel

    Jealous much Emily? She looks great in this dress! You go Kim!!! <3

  • Emily Griffiths