Kim Kardashian's Best Bikini Moments

  • Kim Kardashian's Best Bikini Moments
Kim K ardashian vacations in the Dominican Republic on March 29, 2012.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Veronica

    If that´s fat, I want to be fat :)

  • Lucy

    It took 40 years for my figure to get as full as hers. She'd better grab what she can while she can. Just give her a few years and she'll be a whale.

  • Carl

    Help me Jesus !!!!

  • Stephanie Jonathan
    Stephanie Jonathan

    Fat= flab... moron. Curves are just the shape of some women's bodies- like Kim's, its their bone structure- hour glass frames. She is not (on any level) fat...and models are stick thin for god knows what reason....that's something relatively new - look at the models from the 90's- they looked like real women- size 4-6 - they way it should be

  • gruber

    That's just something fat girls say. There's a reason models are thin, it looks better.

  • gruber

    In English please.

  • Brenda E
    Brenda E

    real women have curves!! Not all women want to look anorexic!

  • AfroSass1

    she aint fat,u numbskull.if the way she looks is called fat,thn u r a bigger dumbass thn u think.

  • gruber

    For a fatty she looks good.

  • zip

    dem hips.<33

  • Stephanie Jonathan
    Stephanie Jonathan

    she looks super pretty here