Kim Kardashian's Best Bikini Moments

  • Kim Kardashian's Best Bikini Moments
A few of Kim Kardashian's best bikini moments to date.
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  • Emily Donham
    Emily Donham

    If there was a such thing as a perfect body...THIS would be it. She looks sexier here than when she's trying in all those damn photo shoots lol

  • ThatGuyRob

    Thats not Kim dorks. Itz Kourtney. Look at the thin build and teeth. Morons

  • Jojo


  • Brenda

    Now, THIS is a beautiful picture of her... she's not trying to "look sexy." The woman IS the definition of sexy, she should stop trying so hard and in exchange she would look this beautiful in every picture

  • Richard King Riviera
    Richard King Riviera

    This picture has got to be the best so far. Kim, you look so lovely and fun. I bet you are a real fun girl to hang out with.

  • Josh Tateosian
    Josh Tateosian

    I love the fact she is armenian like me!!!!!

  • Tony Johnson
    Tony Johnson

    "Kimberly Noel Kardashian is simply irresistible especially with that smile i love a happy girl."

  • Rekiya Jibril
  • jealous jq
    jealous jq

    again wooow!!!

  • Artist Dave (RED) (FB)
    Artist Dave (RED) (FB)

    Love your smile Kim! Your having fun!

  • mike biondo
    mike biondo

    im not feelin dem pics but i do need barcardi mojitos' in my life