Kim Kardashian's Best Bikini Moments

  • Kim Kardashian's Best Bikini Moments
A few of Kim Kardashian's best bikini moments to date.
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  • Dean Murray
    Dean Murray

    daammm good looking women...

  • Kasey

    guys... honestly she even got an xray to prove it. her butt is real. believe it or not shes probably just really lucky

  • lilliallen
  • Cindy B.
    Cindy B.

    Wow Tony You have a real obsession with this girl. Scary....

  • Liz

    I have never seen such a huge butt my whole life; conclision: HUGE BUTT IMPLANTS!

  • Gm England
    Gm England

    I wish I wasn't a "butt man" , . %^$#@!!

  • ME!

    Big FART kim! lol

  • Tony Johnson
    Tony Johnson

    "Kimberly Noel Kardashian is a happy girl in the water,and is about to take a swim."

  • E

    Wow, you can really see the butt implants in this one!

  • Phillyfreeze69

    Kim's photo gallery captures her curvaceous and voluptuous figure superbly. There are not many celebrities that can wear a bikini with such confidence. I had the pleasure of seeing Kim up close and in person as she hosted her first Kim Kardashian Derby Spectacular held at the historic Glassworks Building on Fri., May 1, 2009. Dozens of NBA, NFL, and Hollywood celebrities were in attendance. Tickets were $125 to $750(VIP seating) with Grey Goose party favors. Kim looked gorgeously sexy as she walked the red carpet wearing a black mini dress with matching heels and clutch purse. Proceeds from the grand gala benefited one of Kim's favorite charities, the Dream Foundation-a nonprofit headquartered in Los Angeles that grants the wishes of adults with life-threatening illnesses. Kim's first Derby gala was a huge success(sold out) despite the intermitent rain all the guest had a marvelously good time and set the bar extremely high for many of the parties leading up to the Derby.

  • Patricia H
    Patricia H

    This is just a lovely photo. I don't normally comment on celebs, but I saw this picture and stopped to look twice. I like how Kim looks more natural than normal and relaxed. It doesn't look like poising. She's a naturally beautiful woman without all the makeup and this seems to have caught that side of her. The wave really makes it visually stunning, down to earth and just gorgeous.

  • your stalker. :)
    your stalker. :)

    i want your booty hunny.