Kim Kardashian's Bridal Shower

  • Kim Kardashian's Bridal Shower
Kim Kardashian's Bridal Shower
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  • E

    Child pornography is illegal!!

  • rayyyy

    ok yeah shes the only mom in the world who lets her daughter wear stuff like this.......

  • Geselle Huerta
    Geselle Huerta

    just because she's wearing a dress like that doesnt mean that she does it to feel pretty or attractivee! stop freacking talking about it, it her lifee and if you people don't let your doughter wear that thats your business. I'm 14 and my mom WOULD let me wear that.. there's nothing wrong if you wear it ritee, that people think bad stuff about it isnt my problem its therees!

  • Ria Horne
    Ria Horne

    while it can be appreciated that some parents wouldn't allow there kids to wear this, unfortuantely this is the 21st centuryand we have come a long way. Kendal and Kylie are not hanging on street cornors taking drugs and drinking, and its not as though she is wering this dress in a nightclub and making provocative suggestions. leave the girl alone.

  • Jordyn

    obviously some people wear born in the 1940's everyone its CALLED FASHION ect. makeup/dresses all of that is what young girls wear these days.

  • Joanna

    Kendall is gorgeous. Kylie is gorgeous. They're young girls experimenting with clothing and make-up. Let them make mistakes just like everyone else in this world has. And hey if you've got it, flaunt it girrrllll. ;)

  • shania

    if i have a child 15 year old of age she will not be wearing this at no point in time when she reach DE age of 20 an opening her own door then she could wear it

  • tank

    everytime i see kendall she it seems like she gets 5 inches taller when is she going to stop growing?

  • Tinky

    what's wrong in wearing a backless dress? you guys are all immature.if you don't wanna see these ladies wearing your so called "inappropriate clothes", just turn off your PC & shut up.

  • Shemika Browne
    Shemika Browne

    Boss take it easy lol. Why get so defensive about what ppl are saying? Did you really need to comment 4 times? We get it u dont think theres anything wrong with the pic. Let them have their say jeeeez anybody would think you get paid to back them up.

  • Debbie Abdelnour
    Debbie Abdelnour

    I mean *does not let it all hang out

  • Debbie Abdelnour
    Debbie Abdelnour

    Ok...I am guessing that the Person who calls Herself "Boss" is probably 15 also ???? Or not a Parent of a 15 year old ?? Because pretty, rich or whatever, My Daughter would NOT walk out of the house with Her boob shooting out the side of Her dress !! Luckily, even at 20, My Daughter doesn't not let it all hang out like this !! And, no, I'm not rich, but My Daughter is very pretty and doesn't need a boob shot to look attractive !!

  • Boss

    Actually Kendall for one has not dyed her hair or not that I have seen. (I watch the show) I believe your talking about Kylie dying the hair...& LOTS of teenagers 13+ wear make up now a days. If you haven't noticed MAJORITY does! & Kylie just puts on way too much! To wear you can actually tell she is. I believe lots of teenagers grow up too fast or at least try to. (So they can fit in) Kendall and Kylie don't need it. Oh yeah and yeah they don't really dress there age but you don't even know how many teens out there try to dress like that! So don't even pull that shit. Its just the way teenagers are all of them! (maybe not the conservative ones) Why can't people understand that, and let them live there life without any criticism? Is that hard. You do not even understand the fact that they are teenagers with lots more opportunity than many other kids. To me they aren't even that bad. Please. This is nothing compared to 16 & Pregnant. :P

  • Boss

    Quit overreacting the dress isn't even that bad! Honestly, it looks fine. Yes, a side boob but, that doesn't make it inappropriate. She always has the perfect touch of make up never too much or too little like Kylie. & She dresses better than her little sister too!

  • Boss

    I think shes wearing heels in here

  • Boss

    Uh not really. There are many dresses that are like the one Kendalls wearing..It would be just the same if she wore a bikini you'd still see a side boob! & Kendall is gorgeous!!!! :D shes is 15, yes but, shes almost 16. & I find the way she dresses and acts is way better than the other sister Kylie caking her face with make up! Kylie also trys to hard to be like her other sisters& Trying to act like an adult were as Kendall can actually pull it off!

  • Nini

    Side boob?... this is so inappropriate they let this kids act like adults

  • lila

    skin* haha skeen wtf

  • lila

    all the comments about the dress the first thing what caught my eye was the colordifference on her skeen from tanning haha

  • ti

    Although Kendall is very pretty and has a nice body, I find this dress to be very inappropriate for her age...She looks like she is 20+, instead of 15...Very disturbing for that age I think...But, it is what it's her life.

  • Jen

    Dude, how tall is this girl? Isn't Khloe like 6 feet tall?

  • Maiya

    Just bc she's beautiful doesn't mean she should be dressed like that. She's 15 years old! If my 14 year old niece was walking around infront of others, and men, dressed like that I would be VERY uncomfortable with that. The Kardashians are good hearted people but it's really sad to see these kids grow up so fast and to see them sexualizing themselves at such a young age. I want to teach my daughters that they ARE beautiful, and because of that they do not need to dress like this to get attention or feel attractive.

  • Alexandraaa

    I think that those girls are growing up too fast. I watch the show all the time and they are like 15 and they wear a lot of makeup, dye their hair and sometimes they were dressed that would suit their older sisters.

  • Lauran WilsonCarroll
    Lauran WilsonCarroll

    beautiful ladys

  • amy

    hahah i'd bet most of you guys hating on kendalls dress cant even wear that. stop being so jealous and keep your negative comments to yourself! if you dont like the picture, dont look at it.

  • Wendy Gonzalez
    Wendy Gonzalez

    Who are we to judge any ones upbringing. These girls are gorgeous and there is nothing wrong with embracing who they are. I see nothing wrong with this dress. There is a simple fix if you don't like them why take the time to sit on your CPU and criticize them.

  • Kate

    If my mom ever saw me dressed in something like that, she would never let me leave the house. But then again, we are talking about the Kartrashian family who have no morals whatsoever - so why is this a surprise?

  • me

    i agree with you!

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    WTF is the younger one wearing???? Her Mom lets her wear this crap? Isn't she like 15??