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@kimKardashian How long ago did you first meet Kanye? #KKTMCELEBUZZ @jamie_stewart16@CELEBUZZ @jamie_stewart16 I've known him for a really long time, we've been friends for maybe six or seven years #KKTMCELEBUZZ
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  • William

    I'm honestly not gay.

  • Clifford Bartrum Jr
    Clifford Bartrum Jr

    dude really you sound like a nut job. so your gay that explains a lot .you should get out more find you some companion to do things with you really need one .you sound a little obsessed .be a fan but get you some help really.

  • William

    Hi Kim, I think you are hot. I love your long hair either into a ponytail, hair out or plaited. Could you please put your hair in a bun with hairs hanging down below which will also look good on you. Anything will look good on you. Plus I also love your nail polish. I am thinking of getting long hair and putting nail polish on. I wish I could meet you From William xxx