Kim Kardashian's Best Instagram Photos

  • Kim Kardashian's Best Instagram Photos
Source: Instagram
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  • ME_YOU

    How do you know about his penis???ijs

  • Barry MCokiner
    Barry MCokiner

    Put that pic up next to the most recent pic of that Lady who lives w/your incontinent mother. I think your fans would like to know that after the episode that Mommy was almost boasting that she was now incontinent and about to wet herself, she called 3 different adult diaper makers to see if they would be interested in the, and I quote "America's new favorite TV mom" I know there is a tranny that looks a tad bit like BJ...uh.... Bruce. With those cute lil earrings. Let's see: Face Lift √ Ear lift √ Erectile Dysfunction√ earrings like either a pirate or a Lady or better yet Lady Pirate... You rock those earrings while you bite the pillow. Merica's Athlete What a crock