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Kim Kardashian's Instagram Pics
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  • flowermingo

    hahahaha mason is the cutest kardshian/dissick ever!! :))

  • courtneybaaaby

    that was actually worth reading lol, it made me laugh hahaa especially the part when your boyfriend dumped you for a guy and said“Sarah your a nice girl, but being with you made me realise im gay” and walked off, with his new boyfriend. lol thanks for sharing your story, made my day! :')

  • sarahisSAD

    Omg guys i went to school today to realise i sat in gum, than i went to the toilet, after i finished i saw everyone laughing at me than realised i had a long peice of toilet hanging off me, and a massive hole in my pants! Omg it was so embarrassing, than i went to class, got my maths test results back, i got an F! Like what the hell, my teacher is so out to get me, i aced that maths test, than i was laying on the grass, just thinking, and an ant bit me! Than as i was laying there and my boyfriends friend came up and farted in my face, it was so gross, than my freaking boyfriend dumped me for a guy, he said "Sarah your a nice girl, but being with you made me realise im gay" and walked off, with his new boyfriend, it was the worst day at school ever, so when the bell rang for home, i walked out the school gates, missed my bus and got shat on by a bird, than i rang up my dad to come pick me up and he raged at me, but as he came to pick me up, all he was wearing was some really short tight brown pants, and no shirt! he said "sarah i was in the middle of gardening when you rang!" so yeah everyone was starring at my shirtless dad who was in tight short shorts (my dads chubby aswell, and has a really hairy chest WHICH MAKES IT SO MUCH WORSE!) Than as we got home, i slammed my fingers in the car door, i have a black nail now, and it hurt so bad, plus my dad forgot to pay the cable and water bill, so there was nothing on tv, and there was no hot water! than i was eating my dinner (i had steak and vegies) and a big spide ran across my food! It was so scarey and gross, so i couldnt eat the rest of my dinner, so i decided to go to bed, aswell it was the HOTTEST night ever, i was sweating so much, and i couldnt help it cause a week earlier my fan broke! Anyways i was almost a sleep and the MASSIVE spider ran across my leg, it was the worst day/night ever, i just wanted to share my story to get it out in the open :(