Kris Jenner Through the Years

  • Kris Jenner Through the Years
Kris Jenner blogs a photo of herself pregnant with Rob Kardashian.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Antonia

    omg thats soo beautiful!!! she looks absolutely amazing!!! Kris you are an amazing mother and work very hard wish i knew you personally but im sure ur just that much more amazing in person i hope you have the most amazing birthday you deserve it all for doing it all much love to you and your family!!

  • NerdSwaqq

    umm. odd. gross, but cool. I love old pics.

  • Princess Lucy
    Princess Lucy

    i am sure he is very proud seeing this pic...gross!

  • notafan

    is she wearing a diaper? creeeeepy....what 25 year old man wants a picture of his mother in underwear for his birthday?

  • courtneybaaaby

    woah he must have been a big baby!