Kris Jenner Yearbook Photos

  • Kris Jenner Yearbook Photos
Blast from the past! Kris Jenner's yearbook photos.
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  • tracy shakib
    tracy shakib

    your the image of your mom when she was young chloe x

  • AmberLush

    wow she has had sooo much work done. you can barely tell it's even her! LOL

  • Natalie

    i was just telling my friend the other day that khloe and kourtney look like kris, and kim and rob looks more like ya'lls father.

  • Nathalie Desir
    Nathalie Desir

    she looks just like kourtney here!

  • Leighton

    looks like a mix of Kourtney and Kendall!

  • Samantha

    Kourtney looks so much like her!

  • aurora hilton
    aurora hilton

    I always thought Kim looked just like Kris...but I really see Kourtney in her too, and Kendal a little, so pretty!

  • Kardashian nation
    Kardashian nation

    OMG Kourt looks just like her!! Gorgeous award!! XO

  • Samantha

    Kris looks so much like each one of her girls in this picture, so beautiful!!

  • Khloelover4ever

    She looks alot like Kourtney!

  • Lilian

    OMG! She's gorgeous! And Kourtney looks just like her :)

  • Catherine Gozon
    Catherine Gozon

    :) wow looks like khloe. hmmm wonderful <3