06-28-09 Los Angeles CA

  • 06-28-09 Los Angeles  CA
06-28-09 Los Angeles, CA Actresses Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning on the set of 'The Runaways' in Los Angeles.
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  • Anna

    Jeez,let up with the smoking already! Hollywood is a tough town to work in let alone live in.If you don't like what kristen does,don't watch or read about her.I am a 37 yr old Mom of 4 and I have no problems with kristen,there are alot worse things she could be doing. And the poster that said dakota is a 1000 times the actor Rob or Kristen will ever be, I have seen all 3's work, I think that comment needs to be taken down a notch.Dakota is a fine actress,but Rob and Kristen too have also worked and are working with some of the greats of our time. For Rob, Pierce Brosnan,Chris Cooper,Lena Olin- for Kristen ,Meg Ryan, Dennis Quaid, Dylan Mcdermet, Penelepe Ann Miller, Catherine Keener,Samuel L.Jackson of "Jumper"! Not to mention both working with great actors like Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke from Twilight ! Dakota has been working in the industry about as long as Kristen and all 3 have wonderful resumes to prove it. All 3 derserve credit where it is due.

  • js

    she has man shoulders what is with the outfitt ?

  • lleny

    nice kristen smoke up...great role model