Kristen Stewart covers Vogue

  • Kristen Stewart covers  Vogue
Kristen Stewart covers 'Vogue' February 2011 issue. Photos courtesy of Mario Testino/Vogue.
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  • mileyismylife

    she's so hot !

  • MimiFlora

    Okay I know it´s over a month ago that you wrote this comment, but I just can´t help myself to comment on you! I try to respect everyones opinion, but your opinion - your full of hate and disrespect and your comments you made on Kristen Stewart articles are a complete waste of time and the only reason I read them was, that I couldn´t believe that one person could be so disconnected by reality. You really need help and I´m speaking of professional medical treatment. I don´t know you, but you really seem like you need all the help you can get to have a own healthy life again. I´m not in particular a Kristen Stewart fan, but I respect her for who she is and that she is true and honest to herself and everyone else. She seems down to earth and very smart. I hope you´ll wake up from your delusion and I hope and pray for your children, that they can have the possibility to grow up in a educated, peaceful and loving enviornment. Get your life under control!

  • sydsouth

    * You all know I don't like her too much, but as a girl, I wish she would realize just how many fans other then girls really think she's beautiful, I see them all the time. Your not unwanted Kristen, you have your own personal troop of guy fans out there. Believe me! * =}

  • romanticfool

    These are not the best pics she has taken to date. She looks tough and different than before.. She looks so much older than 21. Isn't her birthday this week? She can finally go clubbing without sneaking in like usual. I wonder if all the bars she has gone to think it would have been worth having their license revoked for serving Kristen?,. It's 21 in California. It seems that being a big star has its perks and extras.

  • Lisa

    Kristen Stewart is damn gorgeous and most of the time looks fantastic. I cannot figure out exactly what they did to her in this picture. She looks really different and strange. Did they give her contacts? I don't think blue is her natural colour. And is it just me or did they change her nose?! It doesn't look like it at all. Hers is much smaller and cute. I'm puzzled. Covered her nose with my finger and I think it looks more like her haha.

  • cherrybomb

    kristen is look like amazing;)) shut up pop she is so sexy and she has cool eyes;)

  • Steff17

    She looks amazing!!! and the article is great!!

  • lala

    She is so ulgy! People, where is your eyes? It's time to go get your eyes checked!! It's so sad how jealous some girls can be, I think she looks damn beautiful!!!

  • Ashley

    Kristen is a gorgeous girl and all but this pic just looks terrible.... She looks scared or cold.

  • Ruth

    She is so gorgeous.

  • JOEL

    Kristen is one of the most beautiful girl in HW!!

  • maryamcullen


  • 3d



    Beautiful cover. GORGEOUS!!

  • lully

    She is so ugly! Guys, where is your eyes? where is your own eyes?

  • guest

    I love this cover she is soo pretty!!