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Fact: Kristen is naturally a blonde, but dyed her hair brown to portray Bella Swan.
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  • Duh

    She did this movie called "Safety of Objects " and she was not blonde if you can see the picture i post below. Just as Kenzie said about Kristen being a brunette at the "Cold Creek Manor" Premiere. She is a BRUNETTE and people are just going to have deal with that. Plus her brother Cameron is not a blonde no one in her family is.

  • micah

    Kristen said she will go back to her natural roots but she said it's lighter, she dyed her hair to Strawberry blonde for upcoming On the road. Have you seen her roots during Eclipse? it's lighter than the rest? The Porsche commercial she's so not brown hair. As I already said, her father is blonde and her primary school year book she is blonde Specifically Dark Blonde.

  • shania

    She is not blonde look at the roots of her hair. She can dye her hair alot of girls dye their blonde. That does not mean she is a real blonde. Look at her much earlier work. The one she was in with the Porsche she did not have blonde hair she had brown. Watch the video again please because you clearly can't see. sorry. I could dyed my hair blonde when i was her age, but that does not mean I'm a blonde. No one in her family has blonde hair not counting her adopted brothers.

  • kenzie

    @ micah You say Kristen has blonde in her movie ( cold Creek minor) but at the premiere she has brown hair. Also can you explain to me, when Kristen has blonde hair you can ALWAYS see in her roots. Which tells you that it is NOT her real hair color . Because when girls dye their hair to blond you can always can tell by their roots what real hair color they are.

  • shania

    People look at her much earlier work, Safety of the Objects, Ring toss girl in the Flintstones in viva Rock Vegas, and The Thirteenth Year waiting in line for H2o. She is a Brunette. People if you look at the parents in the movies she as played in and if they have a blonde mother or father one of the children are going to be blonde. So maybe Kristen was the one to do it because girls dye their hair more then boys. Most of her movies she is a brunette. So are people trying to tell me 6 out of 31 flim work she has been in, that you can possible tell me that she is 100% blonde. I don't think so unless your color blind.

  • micah

    She is naturally Blonde. if u just saw her earlier commercial with Porsche and also in Panic Room and lastly, Cold Creek Minor she is Blonde -

  • bones

    she is not blonde! she WAS blonde b4 twilight! but look at her on panic room! I mean she has had blonde, brunette and black hair....

  • Rotem

    She's not BLONDE -.-" She have a blonde-brown haire. do not take things out of context..