Kristen Stewart Preps for 'Snow White'

  • Kristen Stewart Preps for 'Snow White'
Kristen Stewart gets her passport renewed in Van Nuys, CA. The 'Twilight' star wore sneakers and 7 For All Mankind jeans. She smiled and laughed with photographers as she headed into an office where she renewed her passport.
Source: Fern / Splash News
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  • crystalclear

    if you look at her right hand (her right, not ours), it looks like she's almost giving the finger to the paps. Go kristen(:

  • kelsey26

    hoo did u becum an actress

  • stupidity is too common
    stupidity is too common

    this make zero sense. none. if she's so ugly and horrible and you just can't stand to watch (see) her, riddle me this....why in the hell did you come to an article about HER, flip through a slide show of HER, and then comment on a picture of HER? obviously you're a genius...(rolls eyes)

  • Elle

    That grammar is so terrible that I am not even sure it's an insult. Why don't you work on that before you trash someone who is far better than you!

  • C

    Horrible fingers and nails! OMFG! I really know that she is ugly but now... I don't want to watch her more.

  • mary

    pretty even in her simple get up...thats what u call being authentic..the poster above me like the fake butt of kardashians..