Kristen Stewart Hits Up Fashion Week in London

  • Kristen Stewart Hits Up Fashion Week in London
Kristen Stewart looks a little sleepy as she leaves the Mulberry fashion show during 2011 London Fashion Week.
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  • Annoyed

    It must be hard the life of an hater! Waking up hoping for new pics of Kristen. Bitching about her,trying to invent new false insults,but you can't so you'll say the same things. I can't wait for SWATH to have a great success,and can't wait for you haters to say that it's all Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth's merit!! How predictable you are!!

  • yashi1387

    U need medication stat ! if u think that a actress management team has the power to control everyone u really need a psychological evaluation

  • GTFO

    You really believe that, don't you? This far into the gallery you should know better.

  • AKKU

    Why the fuck are you here. Agreed you are paid by her PR team to blast people who thinks she is a shitty actress. But the fact she is a non actress who is currently acting in one epic flop called SWAT.She will need your help that time. Keep buying all advance tickets available because there will be a hell of lot to buy

  • Yasmine Bassaid
    Yasmine Bassaid

    Wooowww she looks Flawless.

  • bibi

    if you don't like her .. why the fuck are you here?

  • Gabbie

    her role of snow white is going to consist of biting her lip, making awkward faces, looking down and playing with her hair....can't wait

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    must admit < she makes for one lovely snow white ..