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  • Kristen

    Let me probably think someone like Kim Kardashian is "beautiful". It's what's on the inside that counts! At least Kristen isn't afraid to be who she is! I'm also writing this comment because of your stupid name. You know, if you don't think she's pretty--which I COMPLETELY disagree with--why the hell are you looking at this? Or even commenting? Kristen is my idol for many f***ing reasons. And I quote "I don't give a f*** about what anyone thinks."

  • Merra

    She's really PRETTY! She has cat eyes!

  • alybabba

    was she really high for this photoshoot?.. :O i love her though shes badass!

  • Vero Michelle
    Vero Michelle

    wow she really takes great pictures when she waants!! GO KRISTEN! woo

  • tanya

    I agree kristen looks beautiful & natural in these photo and sooo great in her own skin the only people that matter are her family & rob

  • kstewfan

    I Agree with Dawn, and will add that this girl is a natural beauty and is not fake... keep being who you are Kstew forget the loosers who are probably ugly inside and out themselves.

  • DAWN

    Kristen's a beautiful girl and her parents and family are so proud of her, that is all she needs to know. Negativity and jealousy are such degrading straits to the people who issue them, guess they dont feel so good about themselves.

  • jaded

    she is GORGEOUS. her face has this sense of refinement and proportionality that's great and befitting for the character of bella; this shot just screams luscious, jaded, high brow vampiress!

  • whyiskstewpopular

    I don't want to because she's fugly ... I don't think I can imagine her as the 'vampire bella' ... she's just not pretty enough :(

  • tatts09

    imagine her with red eye's..vampire