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  • Eileen

    oh and um....your comment about are you on dude? You think you have them sussed out do you? you dont sh*t about what they do and why. leave them be. They are just 2 normal people in the end. The only difference is retarded fans who take things too far and critics who try to tell everyone how terrible they are and spread rumors about them because it makes them feel better about their own miserable lives. Does saying these things make you feel better about yourself? I think it is pure jelousy.

  • Eileen

    Romantic Fool......Who are you to judge? you dont even know her. You sound extremely insecure and jelous. What makes Kristen so great is the fact that she is HERSELF. She isnt trying to be like everyone else in Hollywood. She hasnt had surgery (and i hope you never do) And whats more is she actually has TALENT unlike more than half of the celebrities coming out these days. What has happened to entertainment? Kristen is the best thing to hit Hollywood since the 90's. Miley, Megan, on earth did they become famous? They have ZERO talent and all they do is pose for their photo's and talk so much sh*t. Kristen is awesome. And she has great taste in music.

  • DAWN

    @Romantic Fool I hope something meets you in a dark alley....and I hope it bites more than your neck!!!...OFF!!

  • Romantic Fool
    Romantic Fool

    Hate to meet that in a dark alley. Our kids need role models like Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner not this loser punk. She has a stripper movie coming out and a De Nero movie. After that, she will return to being unemployed. Most people have seen what she is about. She did do a good job of acting like a girl in Europe. It must of been so hard for her not to curse like a sailor as she normally does in every interview and magazine. Why do you think Rob does not proudly flaunt her as his? Why does he have minders watching what he says suddenly? They want to promote them as a couple as Rob is not dating (impossible right now) and she got the tongues wagging about her being a lesbian after pics of her kissing and holding hands with Nikki Reed came out and she made her weird comments in Entertainment Weekly.

  • lizbizz11

    She is beautiful and all but this picture she looks like she just smoked a joint?