06-11-09 North Hollywood CA

  • 06-11-09 North Hollywood  CA
06-11-09 North Hollywood, CA 'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart arrives at a studio in North Hollywood. She's rocking the Joan Jett look for her new film 'The Runaways,' in which she plays Joan Jett.
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  • kristenisawesome

    ok. the hair is supposed to look like that you morons....she's playing a CHARACTER....usually, thats what actors do..... If you knew ANYTHING about The Pretenders or Joan Jett you'd know that her hair is spot on, and the fact that she cut and dyed it proves Kristens dedicated to the role and is gonna rock the sh*t out of this movie. She's gonna show us what her acting is all about.....not that hardwick bullsh*t direction of acting......

  • bookworm

    eeew wats up wid the hair? does she wana look more man-like?

  • twilightkstewrpatzlover

    da bitch...your name really fit's piss off if all you have to say is bad...no one cares what you think!!.... go play with the traffic or something!! kristen keep on doing your thing you look great!...forget the haters your fans love you and that's all that count's...rock on!

  • da bitch
    da bitch

    she looks so frekin ugly it looks like she was high ohhh wait she was nd F.Y.I she does not look pretty in that color of hair=l

  • wow

    she could soooo playy joan jett.. i hope to god thats a wigg!!!!

  • Andluvzk

    OMG ..!! kristen rocks!!! ...this look fits perfectly her!!!

  • bryden

    i hope thats a wig...

  • Isabella

    she's ugly with this hair

  • Cherie Currie
    Cherie Currie

    Awesome! This film is going to rock my socks off.