06-11-09 North Hollywood CA

  • 06-11-09 North Hollywood  CA
06-11-09 North Hollywood, CA 'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart arrives at a studio in North Hollywood. She's rocking the Joan Jett look for her new film 'The Runaways,' in which she plays Joan Jett.
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  • Nancy

    Why did she do this to her hair? Is this for the movie?? or what? I'm guesssing this is just her personal choice.

  • Sam

    gotta hand it to Stewart, at least she's showing true dedication. If the role you're playing calls for shaved heads, then you should shave your head. Very few actresses would actually say "Sure, let's cut all my hair off for this role". Most would probably say "Where the hell is my wig?!". Which doesn't work. Ever.

  • crystalsticksupforstars

    she's a dedicated actress guys shoot leave the poor girls alone how would you feel if every thing you did was picked at and even the litlest thing was blown big. and no i dont like tha hair but i do respect her for the fact that shes dedicateda and that this is who she is...her job. yes her old hear was beautiful and this is her job!!!! just leave her alone.!!!

  • twilightkstewrpatzlover

    she's dedicated, hat's off!

  • Jovi-chick

    I think she looks the part!! Talented actress...

  • valerie

    o my good she looks like a DROGADICTA in spanish o my good

  • sssds

    she is really taking her roll 100% OMG somebody help her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what role is she playingg

  • duchess

    She smokes pot.....so what? Pot is good. She doesn't look like a lesbian she looks like Joan Jett. Clearly she wouldn't have picked that hair style herself it's all for the role she's playing. Personally I think she's super cool and the hair looks rocked out!

  • aisha

    she doesn't always have to be prim and proper all der time she is jus herself but gotta say dats hair ...um not sure abou dat the brown was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better u looked beautiful now more mosha rock chic...i dnt like this look kristen

  • hiroko

    She do drugs or what?

  • willa

    she looks like a lesbo inmate!!! LOLZ

  • nia77

    she is really taking her roll 100% OMG somebody help her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!