06-11-09 North Hollywood CA

  • 06-11-09 North Hollywood  CA
06-11-09 North Hollywood, CA 'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart arrives at a studio in North Hollywood. She's rocking the Joan Jett look for her new film 'The Runaways,' in which she plays Joan Jett.
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  • raquel._.

    She looks horrible, but work is work. S:

  • Diana

    She looks great and adorable. kristen is a very talented and soulful actress, she is is really admirable.

  • finnish loyalty
    finnish loyalty

    well the change of her hairstyle only proves that she is a real actress if you haven't noticed it yet.

  • Nathalia

    weew she looks so ugly like that :S it looks like she is on crack LOLS

  • twilighterr


  • twilightkstewrpatzlover

    yeah it's defo a scar, but it could be fake because i've never noticed it before...STRANGE!!! Saray Lira..f*ck you....she obviously doesn't use heroin...but i find you saying that VERY disrespectfu!!!..that's no laughing matter..i've lost a family member to drugs...so shut your mouth you childish ***hole!! you have NO idea what your talking about!!!

  • amanda dodd
    amanda dodd

    umm hello she is playing a role...leave her alone. She looks good.

  • Saray Lira
    Saray Lira

    she uses heroin! hahaha! =p

  • Karina Kogan
    Karina Kogan

    oh yeah. it doesnt even look like makeup. it looks like a real scar.

  • mariana

    OMG!! zoom in her left arm! u can see a very strange cut..... you're right! uh-oh..

  • veronica.p

    OMG!! zoom in her left arm! u can see a very strange cut.....

  • ju_liet

    I'm a french fan of Kristen and maybe my haircuts taste are weird but I REEEAAALY love this style! Kristen shows that she can be every character even if she has to cut her hair! I'm a fan of this girl!!!!!!!