Kristen Stewart Spotted in LA Two Days After Rupert Sanders Cheating Photos Snapped

  • Kristen Stewart Spotted in LA Two Days After Rupert Sanders Cheating Photos Snapped
Kristen Stewart looks stressed in Los Angeles on July 19, 2012. The actress issued a public apology cheating on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with 'Snow White and the Huntsman' director Rupert Sanders.
Source: FameFlynet
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  • K-Stew

    cry little Bella :) I love u

  • SuMarie

    Who out there has been perfect? Temptations come at us all the time. Was it right to give in? No. But I guarantee it woke her up and brought her back to reality. She learned a valuable lesson...stay grounded when making fairy tales. She knows now what is truly important to her and if she gets another chance, she'll never turn her head again when a fairy tale comes her way. Be careful when judging others, because one day you might be the one giving in to the temptation. Remember: Forgiveness is the best path to take.

  • Not convinced
    Not convinced

    This looks so fake to me...crocodile tears, maybe?

  • dc

    I believe people are confusing "forgiving" with trust. Will Rob forgive her - probably. Should he ever trust her? Only he can determine that - not GOD or anyone else.

  • Suzette Pespinan-Dva Solangon Actub
    Suzette Pespinan-Dva Solangon Actub

    people make mistakes too..we should forgive those people who hurt GOD did to us..

  • spinnaker

    He should get away from her as soon as possible.

  • dc

    A "mistake" is picking up the wrong keys on the way out the door. Cheating on someone you love is a major charactor flaw. She humiliated him in front of the whole world - he owes her nothing.

  • Ikpeze Odigonma
    Ikpeze Odigonma

    This is just so sad.. We all make mistakes. Rob pls find it in ur heart to forgive her.

  • ntha

    Enough with story already, people make mistakes

  • Rob

    Stewart is ugly trailor trash, look at the jaw on that moonface