Kristen Stewart Spotted in LA Two Days After Rupert Sanders Cheating Photos Snapped

  • Kristen Stewart Spotted in LA Two Days After Rupert Sanders Cheating Photos Snapped
Kristen Stewart looks stressed in Los Angeles on July 19, 2012. The actress issued a public apology cheating on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with 'Snow White and the Huntsman' director Rupert Sanders.
Source: FameFlynet
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  • unbelieving human
    unbelieving human

    What I don't get is the misery that photographers and magazine editors seem to enjoy by hounding people into the ground. Is this really entertainment?

  • Laura Hugill
    Laura Hugill

    Ok. A LITTLE update for Celebuzz, the RUMOURS haven't even STARTED on July the 19! People and UsWeekly magazine CLAIM that the RUMOURS started on July the 25! By the way, doesn't ANYONE find it a bit STRANGE that Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart had an "affair" after TWO months and TEN days? If I haven't seen a friend in that time and he's married with kids and I have a boyfriend, I would NOT have an affair with him! And I do NOT believe Kristen would EITHER! >:(

  • Fan of Rob
    Fan of Rob

    I don't get what the big deal is with her. She's 22 and screwed up. People do it every day. Both have said in interviews how boring they are in real life. There is nothing more exciting than a clandestine affair, Rob can do so much better but if she's the one, he will forgive. Problem is that in the near future they will be separated a lot by work. This romance may have run its course.

  • Selene

    I really hope Rob gets back to his life. Thanks Katy (Perry) for being Rob's ultimate rock during the darkest days of his life....I still am a fan of Kristen even after what she did(I defended her through haters online saying she's a slut and all)...Rob, hope you get well. And Kristen, one question: Why did you even do it if you knew yourself you loved him??? -asking this breaks my heart- -Supper twi-hard-

  • Tracy

    I personally hope Rob is smart enough to forgive Kristen but not take her back. Kristen cheated on then boyfriend Michael to be with Rob and betrayed her friend Nikki in the same process. This is Karma for them both. Rob should know he cannot trust Kristen she is too young he really should move on. Kristen is a repeat offender!

  • shirin

    i like rob and kristen both. im a big fan of them. but i love them together not in apart. i think kristen make a mistake and all thing is on robert now! if he break up with her every thing gonna be ok? isnt this a mistake too? robert must choose best way. breakin up isnt always a best wat to do. they have fans and they might lose them with making mistake over and over again. robert need some time to make good decision i hope they back together and kristen be carefull after that! i m so sorry for thes hapenning:-(

  • hmm

    You make a good point he is older and more mature than he is. People forget that Kristen Stewart is just out of hertteens years, the only guys she has ever been wth before Rupert was Robert and Michael.Personally I don't know what Rob is like away from the spotlight. But just because the media made it seems that they had a perfect who is to say they did. Or, that they were both ready to move forward in then next step. Maybe she was scared or maybe she wasn't sure if the choice of being with Robert was the right thing for her. It would have been best if they were able to work it out before she embarked on this sad and self destrutive course. But after reading some articles I think that Robert suspected and Kristen wanted to be found out. When some who has a lot going for them is not happy about things coming easy for then and wishes that something f?/::4/$ it up, that person to me is saying I not really happy. Also know this may sound weird but when I look at Rupert I tend to see an older Rob

  • My Opinion only
    My Opinion only

    Oh you want him to forgive her because you can't stand the idea that they aren't really Edward & Bella? She cheated on him, betrayed him, took his love & devotion and thought nothing of how it would hurt him if he ever found out! Only he knows what he can accept. To forgive is good but he certainly doesn't have to take her back. Not married, no reason. They'll both, hopefully learn something from this. I just hurt that he's hurting cause he genuinely seemed like the nicer, classier, more mature person in their relationship.

  • Yvette Jones
  • h

    please dont break up rob forgiver herr i beg you :( i dont want them apart