Kristen Stewart Spotted in LA Two Days After Rupert Sanders Cheating Photos Snapped

  • Kristen Stewart Spotted in LA Two Days After Rupert Sanders Cheating Photos Snapped
Kristen Stewart looks stressed in Los Angeles on July 19, 2012. The actress issued a public apology cheating on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with 'Snow White and the Huntsman' director Rupert Sanders.
Source: FameFlynet
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  • Laura Hugill
    Laura Hugill

    You're talking NONSENSE!!!! NEITHER Kristen OR Rob cheated on each other and we're gonna prove it! >:(

  • love

    ikr ppl sayin shit help leace them alone let them work it out themsleves. ppl need to stop sayin things they knw nothing about.

  • sophie

    poor kristen, yes she cheated but she already said sorry, she cant do no more, WHAT MORE YOU PEOPLE WANT HER TO DO, she is clearly devastaded and im sure rob too, but people saying mean things are not helping, we just got to wait and see if rob loves her enough to forgive her

  • Rick

    Wish it was me making out with her in that car as i would have been in heaven! She is hot & sexy and will have many guys hitting on her in the years to come and maybe even some women as well.

  • Jan McCann
    Jan McCann

    What bothers me is the fact that Kristen made sure that she and Rob were hidden and nontouching in public..But slobering all over a married man in her car on the side of the road!! Damn..SICK!!

  • kristen stewart filmography
    kristen stewart filmography

    Masih banyak wanita selain kristen

  • JustHuman

    haha Rob has cheated on her in the past but you didn't see that blasted all over the news aye. Well everyone goes through crap in their life and i like how everyone on here are pointing the finger but if the situation was reversed they wouldn't like it if people were judging them. These people that i see complaining on here about Kristen's are just bord with nothing better to do but talk negative about someone else's life that has no concern to them what so ever, unless your one of those obsessed freaks hahaha good day all xo

  • muses


  • Nijah

    Actually, he did cheat on her in the past. At the very beginning.

  • Patricia Rose Belikov-Camus
    Patricia Rose Belikov-Camus

    shes crazy and a hot mess im suprised rob didnt cheat on her lame ass i knew it wouldnt last