Kristen Stewart in W Magazine

  • Kristen Stewart in W Magazine
Kristen Stewart stuns in W Magazine.
Source: W Magazine
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  • Lucas

    Actually, you can like the show on Facebook too. Search for Food Network Lite and you can get updates there as well! Thanks for the suopprt!

  • Jeffrey Loves Kristen Stewart
    Jeffrey Loves Kristen Stewart

    I Jizzed in my pants lol

  • sydsouth

    * Actually, all bashing aside, I can really see what that person meant, she kinda does look like her in this photo. *

  • sydsouth

    * haha I just said that, great minds think alike. Give her some crimson contacts and Mrs. Cullen is here. She does look pretty, glad all the people who said she was ugly got a chance to see, I never said she was ugly, just that her acting isn't the best. * =}

  • cindy

    whoever said she looks like ms lohan is wwrroonngg !! have u seen l.lohan recently ? not even close !!! ms k stew always looks great in any photo shoot and even dressed down ,she has a natural thing we wish we had . just enjoy this amazing time and stay true to who and what matters , hiiii rob cindy fromindiana

  • Dman

    Wow... is that kristen

  • maddy2

    Oh the magic of airbrushing, faux contacts an' tons of FAB makeup gurus, K Stwrt is real life plain jane UHGLYYYY! +++CANt act for s=t

  • ben

    Kristen looks stunning.

  • robstenlover

    LOL I AGREE!! we'll probably shit our pants and wet our shirts...

  • V

    Now we know what she looks like as a vamp, they've been making her look hideous on purpose for the past 3 movies so when she turns into a Vamp we'll all be like "OH SHIT"

  • Tina

    GOD!!!!!!!!!!! she is Kristen?! she is so gorgeous , hot and amazing ........ . no words ....maybe one " PERFECT"

  • sona

    she looks gorgeous, but i don't know why i don't like her acting

  • heatherchance

    omg is that seriously kristen????

  • Red

    Kristen looks amazing.

  • twilight-lover


  • Tai-lien Paredes Chu
    Tai-lien Paredes Chu

    fuck is so hot

  • kamiluccha