Kristen Stewart Takes Her Dog for a Walk

  • Kristen Stewart Takes Her Dog for a Walk
Actress Kristen Stewart takes her new adopted dog Bear for a walk during a rainy day in the East Village on May 4, 2011.
Source: Flynet
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  • Taryn Lancaster
    Taryn Lancaster

    Some of us can actually see the beauty in unusual/interesting looking animals rather than caring about who happens to own them, I myself am drawn more towards odd looking animals rather than the 'catalogue cute' variety and unlike some people I tend to choose personality over looks any day!

  • eE3Q

    all you people whi think that dog is cute just because he is Robs dog crack me up!! That dog is butt ugly!

  • Taryn Lancaster
    Taryn Lancaster

    Simple way to remedy the situation.....I think a bit of training is needed for both Bear (who at that age should be able to walk properly on a lead) and Kristen (who needs to learn how to control Bear and show him that she is someone worth following).....easy enough with just a bit of time, patience and knowledge. Bear will eventually get used to the paparazzi but in the mean time he needs a calm, confident handler (not someone stressing out and trying to get away from the cameras) to look to for guidence when he is feeling uncomfotable in a particular situation. The last thing they would want is to end up with an out of control large breed dog! I mean no disrespect to Kristen and I am sure she loves Bear to bits (who wouldn't) but I would seriously get advice and help from a dog trainer before any bad habits are formed....make both of your lives easier!

  • Jessica

    if its so upsetting then don't look at the pics... and fyi the dog is doing that cause he is a puppy and there are a lot of people around and he is scared. Kristen is just trying to get away from all the cameras and shit.

  • Lynn

    Kristen, stop dragging the poor dog! Take some lessons on how to walk a dog. This is very upsetting.

  • Chris

    That's because he is NOT her dog. He is Robert's dog. He's doing publicity so as a friend she offered to dog sit. Nothing more or less. But because Bear is with Robert all the time he's being a pill cause he isn't with his 'daddy'

  • Zoe

    Oh jealous girls are so funny when they comment. You know why I bet thinks she's amazing with Bear? Rob. lol.

  • Emilie Godmudda Cureton
    Emilie Godmudda Cureton

    Looks like the dog doesn't want to walk with her, so she drags him. LOL. Good job Kristen, good job. You are an awesome dog walker.

  • Gloria Zavala
    Gloria Zavala

    Wow it looks like she's in a hurry and dragging him.