Kristen Stewart Takes Her Dog for a Walk

  • Kristen Stewart Takes Her Dog for a Walk
Actress Kristen Stewart takes her new adopted dog Bear for a walk during a rainy day in the East Village on May 4, 2011.
Source: Flynet
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  • katelilly

    what the hell dog is so ugly!!!!!!!!

  • Valentina Habilainen
    Valentina Habilainen

    I like so mush this foto galleries.

  • lahe27

    omg how adorbs!!!! :)

  • sydsouth

    * you mean, the dog?? She looks well rested in this picture, cool. Kristen stop yanking the leash! I cannot say that enough, I HATE that. * =}

  • Anna Uemura
    Anna Uemura

    Robert and Kristen's dog :):):):) this cute Bear is so lucky!!!!!

  • Mishi Rahman
    Mishi Rahman

    ewww!! the God is not good !

  • Sisi

    Poor dog!