Kristen Stewart Takes Her Dog for a Walk

  • Kristen Stewart Takes Her Dog for a Walk
Actress Kristen Stewart takes her new adopted dog Bear for a walk during a rainy day in the East Village on May 4, 2011.
Source: Flynet
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  • sydsouth

    * Calm down, your taking my silly ways too seriously, so unfortunately I have to tell you to shut the fuk up, jeez someone is at that time of the month now aren't we?? * ssshhhhhhhhhh

  • Aimee Marie
    Aimee Marie

    Any idiot knows that puppies dont know how to walk on leashes right away. So of course she had to pull him a little! She was getting followed by Paps and I can 100% guarantee that as soon as they got these pics they got all up in her face. SHE WANTED TO PROTECT HIM! So stfu

  • sydsouth

    * OMG funniest comment on this page. Seriously though, she shouldn't yank on the leash, I hate when I see people do that.* STOP THE YANKERS!! =/

  • sydsouth

    * hello little puppy woogie woo boo boo stewart, hello, hellooooo. (Never do this to someones dog!) I hate when people do this to my dog.* lolz that pup is too cute

  • Alana Jaclyn
    Alana Jaclyn

    is it just me or does he resemble the CGI wolves in the twilight movies lol...he is very cute though.

  • Anna Uemura
    Anna Uemura

    Hey!!!! Kristen is not a bitch!!!! Like what Carolyn said, she is animal lover and she deserves some respect even if you are nonsten. She's taking Bear for a walk on that day and she loves to do that without papz and cameras in front of them, i'm sure. As you can see she just wanted to avoid papz cuz she love her privacy.

  • Stifflet

    He's a puppy! Stop pulling him along bitch!

  • shania

    You can see Bear's name tag. OHHHH cutest dog EVER !!!