Kristen Stewart's Hottest Looks

  • Kristen Stewart's Hottest Looks
Kristen Stewart at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards on May 31, 2009.
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  • lizbizz11

    I love this unique outfit. Especially because she looked like she just got stoned in the back of a car. She probably did.

  • germanxxannie

    i remember. the converse outfit. fantastic :D

  • FRAN

    I love that she has a boyish look. She's different from every other actress you've ever seen, I believe.

  • itellsitlikeitis

    Very cute and unique. Thumbs up.

  • Soy

    Red carpet and sneakers? Yes, if we're talking about MTV's party. I think it's one of her the most memorable outfit. And I love it!

  • SaveTheZebra

    haha the funny thing is most people here think she wore the converse by choice. Which she kind of did but in an interview afterwards she mentioned she hurt her ankle when filming New Moon which was why she wore sneakers. Tripped over a rock i think.

  • Tish

    This was really cute for the MTV crowd. The Converse are so her. She has evolved to heels but still loves them. This look is pretty infamous.

  • barbara02

    She's gorgeous here!!

  • nora

    really great dress, but the shoes are not badass, they're just..WRONG!! And simplydiffer or childie, maybe you should say sth different to make people believe you're a different fan; js

  • Childie

    this is the moment where i became a kristen fan for life. yep look her for this look and that how i know her

  • camfel

    I will love this look forever!

  • rose

    this is the moment where i became a kristen fan for life. same as me!! i was a fan when i saw her in the panic room with jodie foster. then into the world. her big break twilight and then seeing her fashion style with hoodies,t-shirts,skinnys and sneakers f**kin awesome!! then the dress with sneakers sold me for life :D

  • simplydiffer

    this is the moment where i became a kristen fan for life.