Even if you didn t want

  • Even if you didn t want
Even if you didn't want us to, we're doing it! Zoomed in on the hair that killed her dress. We won't mention that it also looks like she washed it with Crisco.
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  • mj

    shess fukken uggggggly

  • bella174

    Type your comment here.kristen you look cute in the redcarpet for the newmoon preimer girl omg hottttt.

  • Jennifer

    I think her hair looks better here than it has since she got the cut. I really do think she needs to bite the bullet and get the mullet cut into a bob and let it all grow out together. It would look much better than her trying to style the mullet into anything acceptable...

  • Kathy Johnson
    Kathy Johnson

    She wasn't feeling well, and she's not there to please everyone else. Give Stew a break!!

  • DAWN

    Well I think the hair looks great!