This generally unfortunate choice of color

  • This generally unfortunate choice of color
This generally unfortunate choice of color is actually working wonders for her at a special screening for "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" in New York City, NY. It also gives the vibe of an unfolded paper fan but it's intricate detailing at its finest!
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  • stargazegirl

    I love kristen and i think she is an awesome actress and has beautiful clothes but i do think she looks uncomfortable on the red carpet. I just want to give her a hug you know?

  • Romantic Fool
    Romantic Fool

    This style dress does look better than the strapless ones she usually wears and covers her armpits. She is very broad across her shoulders for such a small girl. She had a cold in this photo supposedly, but she looks much better than the biker chic look and see-through dress she wore in Spain that exposed the side of her breasts and panties from behind. Some role model for young teen fans. Geesh.

  • Romantic Fool
    Romantic Fool

    Her PR people and Summit think that if they make Kristen put a dress on and make her act like a girl in public it will change her image. Only during the tour did she try to look stylish and star-like. She must have been told to knock off the hostile 'tude and foul mouth cursing or else. Just because Kristen puts a dress on and sort of smiles for the cameras, it won't undo all her previous comments, interviews and strange behavior. This girl in a dress is as odd as a man in a tutu.

  • CamillaDK

    I like this outfit, it's not my favorite, but i like it. in a way the color is a little strange, but at the same time it fits the season; Autumn, and thats great I think. Her legs is SO beautiful!! perfect thin. the shoes are great too, they fits to her hair and thats kinda funny.

  • violet

    I like the style, but not the colour. I think it was too harsh on her skin. o.O

  • aalla

    this is the only flattering dress she owns.

  • sydsouth

    * I think she looks awful...hahhaha just kidding--she looks okay, but I too think that the color is off, BIG time!!* =}

  • anonym

    the best thin on this outfit are the shoes...i really love them...but her dress is terrible...really i didn't like it...but she is really cool...:)

  • natasha

    i think she looks hideous yes she is trying to be sexy but it doesen't suit her i aint a haiter but i really think that

  • suttondancer

    the last dress in NY was the best, it fit her right, she looked sexy, and she wasn't slouching

  • F.

    I do like it, it suits her.

  • bev1314

    i really dont like the colour