This is too easy We

  • This is too easy  We
This is too easy. We hope no one asked her what she did last night in fear of an inappropriate answer. A shower was definitely not in her evening plans.
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  • Claudia Duarte
    Claudia Duarte

    I love her makeup!

  • Malorie

    Kristen looks so great in this photo!! The makeup and dress is her , it shows how beautiful she is...:)

  • sydsouth

    * she looks nice from a side angle, her face to the side has an edge to it--Tyra herself would say so!!* =} SIKE...bahahah

  • lola

    i don't think she was trying to be sexy. it was one of her expressions that got caught on camera

  • loubna

    well she looks sexy want it or not

  • janeybell

    She does not need to try to be sexy. It's not a good look for her. She comes off looking like a retarded Ashley Greene